Friday, January 1, 2010

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

It's heeeerrreeeee!
Lunch - $12 and Dinner - $25
Some of the restaurants are offering 2 for 1 specials!
Check it out HERE
The best deals I've found are:
ABC - 2 for 25 dinner
Palio - 2 for 25 dinner
Chop House - 25 each dinner but one of the entree options is the filet
Melting Pot - 25 each dinner. I've never been but I undestand you can easily spend over $100 for 2. This one includes a cheese fondue app, a pretty mixed entree fondue and the chocolate fondue dessert!


lotus said...

feel like a total sped that i didnt know AA did a restaurant week...hang my head in shame. looking at the list of restaurants, the best foodie deals are at The Grange, Logan, and Pacific Rim. never been to the Grange (its new) but i hear its gourmet with an emphasis on local foods. cool. and jolly pumpkin is good stuff, but its a pub, so you can easily justify getting over there any time. jealous. have fun! write about where you end up going. :)

Sarah said...

will do! I didn't know it either until we went to Conor's and saw the ad.