Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ada's Birth Story

41 weeks and 1 day! That is how long this little girl took to grace us with her presence. I really thought I was going to be pregnant forever!

I started having early labor/false labor on Sunday morning (Mother's Day) and Nick and I really thought we were going to be heading to the hospital later that night. The contractions kept up throughout the night but subsided Monday morning. Monday night was a repeat of contractions about 15-20 minutes apart with nothing continuing during the day. Once again, they came back on Tuesday night and actually stayed throughout Wednesday but were always 15-20 minutes apart and not incredibly painful. I was desperate enough that I actually tried using the breast pump to get some action but nothing happened.

I had my 41 week appointment on Wednesday as well as a NST. Baby looked great and still seemed to be in a good position. My midwife said I could try castor oil but also warned that is a nasty nasty way to labor. I told her I wasn't that desperate yet but I also didn't think I would try the breast pump either so we will see. Later that day, I went to Meijer with Madelyn to pick up some castor oil and talked to my doula on the way. She agreed that while it is effective, it is not exactly a pleasant experience and to make sure I was really willing to labor with stomach pains. I bought the castor oil and figured if I made it through the weekend, we would give it a shot on Sunday night.

Fortunately, the baby must have heard all this going on and decided she didn't want to be born that way because my contractions kept up all night long. I was able to sleep sitting up on the couch in 20-30 minute increments. In the morning, the contractions were still going but had gotten to more 10 min apart. I told Nick he wasn't going to work that day and called my mom to come get Madelyn. We decided to send Ben to school and figured we would have Caleb come get him when we needed to head to the hospital. Around noon, the contractions were 5 min apart and Nick and I were running out of ideas and things to do. I found that if I sat down, the contractions would space out but if I was up walking around or standing, they got closer together. We called our doula and she decided to head over. Around 3pm, I decided to try getting in the shower again just for something new to do. The contractions were 3-5 min apart with the weird spacing when I sat down.

Well the water must have triggered something because within 10 minutes of being in the shower, I was climbing the walls. The contractions were on top of each other and I was finding it about impossible to manage them. Our doula came in and said it sounded like we needed to head to the hospital so she sent Nick to get Ben and was going to help me get ready to go. I told her there was no way I could get out of shower and she told me I could and had to. I ended up getting out of the shower and sitting on the toilet. I remember begging her to tell me this was transition because if it wasn't, I couldn't take anymore. She said she was going to grab a glove from her car and check me because she believed I was past transition and needed to decide whether or not to get to the hospital by ambulance or car. After checking, turns out I was at a 10 but the baby was high enough she felt safe getting there by car but she was going to ride with us just in case. She also called ahead and had a stretcher waiting for us at the door.

The ride to the hospital was ridiculous. Our poor doula was literally riding in the trunk space of the car because we had all the carseats in the back seat. She is trying to coach me to not push while Nick is trying to navigate Ann Arbor traffic to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, the staff helped me onto the stretcher and off we went. Sort of....

UofM built a new women's hospital and it has only been only since March. Well, they are still working out the kinks and I ended up on a roller coaster ride throughout the floors of the hospital. One of the elevators didn't fit the stretcher. Another one of the doors was locked. Meanwhile, I am lying on this stretcher going back and forth through the lobby while the nurses are running TV style. I am wearing my sunglasses. Yes, I am. And still trying not to push, which is not a quiet process. Poor people stuck watching this charade.

Finally we got up to the room, skipping triage (yay! no 20 min strip for me!) and I can start to push. At this point it is around 4pm.

I remember a few things from pushing. Once, the midwife started talking to me about the HepLock and giving me some story about just in case. I told the nurse we could do it in between the next set of contractions and then told her the same thing a few more times. She told me later she realized the IV wasn't going to happen so she just gave up.

They also had a hard time getting the baby's heartrate when I was standing and kept wanting me to lay down. I wasn't opposed to laying down and it actually ended up being the way I delivered but I couldn't figure out how to actually get myself into that bed. They tried telling me that they were going to do an internal monitor on the baby's scalp if they couldn't get a good reading. Apparently, the honesty in me was flowing full force and I told them that was NOT going to happen. I'm trying to get a baby out, you're not about to start sticking things up there.

I also remember my water breaking and freaking out over what it was. There was meconium, but I figured that would be the case since I was over a week late.

The student midwife kept telling me that this was a safe place and the pooping was a natural part of childbirth. I told her, I understand and I am not afraid of pooping - I am actually trying to!

Finally, the baby started crowning and I was able to get the head and neck out but her shoulders were stuck in my pelvis. Fortunately, I was in my own head at this point and didn't realize what was happening. Our doula said that the midwife had called to whoever the expert baby removing team is and they were on the way but by shoving what felt like an extra 10 hands into me and shoving on my belly and pelvis, they were able to get the baby out in about 45 seconds and the team wasn't necessary.

Baby was born at 6:10pm. It was such a relief to not be pushing that it took me a minute to even ask what we had. Finally, I asked Nick. What is it? He gives me this look of shock and says "it's a girl". I said "girl?" He goes, "yeah". I then say, "we don't have a name!"

She had pinked up and started crying before the pediatric team had even gotten her to the warmer so I got her right back for skin to skin.

I ended up with with 3 second degree tears but it is still way better than a c-section recovery.

Ada Elizabeth Barish
9lb 10oz

Madelyn's 18th Month

My sweet girl is already a year and a half! She is amazing me everyday with all her accomplishments.

She is still loving books and music! Favorite foods right now are falafel, blueberries, bananas and yogurt.

I found a play structure on Craigslist and she has already mastered climbing the ladder and loves going down the slide. I've got a fashion diva with constantly skinned knees - love it! She is the right combination of little girl and tomboy!

She loves baby dolls and her new ball pit as well. We usually hit up the library playgroups a couple of times a week plus we have her Fun at One class on Thursdays. Her favorite part of class is the bubble song. Her independence is shining through and she won't stand next to me when we move around the circle - she is going to do it on her own.
Bonus! Molly finally got her to say that a cow says moo! We've been working on that one for awhile - her answer was always "rar" or "meow".

Thursday, May 10, 2012

40 weeks!

It's official - I only have postdate babies. Nick says they get their punctuality from my side and I have to agree with him.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and baby is in the perfect position. Head is engaged, back on the left side and butt sitting right at the front of my belly. Go #2!! I am hoping this means an easier labor this time around - I guess we'll see.

Nick was hoping he wasn't going to have to work this week and has had us walking every night when he gets home from work. I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea. I've noticed after drinking the tea, I have some crampiness but it doesn't turn into anything. My midwife said I can use the breast pump during the crampiness and see if we can get anything started but I don't plan on doing that. At the end of the day, I believe babies show up when they are good and ready and no amount of wives tales and tricks will get them here sooner.

If I make it to my appointment next week, I have to start NSTs and at 42 weeks I have to consult with the OB's. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

Miss M. has caught on that something is about to happen. She likes to "bang" on my belly and say "be be" over and over. Her nights have gotten a little wacky lately and I'm not sure if it is because she senses the baby coming or because it is still light out when she goes to bed. She's been waking up a lot after sleeping a few hours and we've just been bringing her into bed with us. We both agree, there is no point in trying to start a new routine or to keep her in her bed at this point since her whole world is about to change and any routine we start is likely to be modified in a few weeks anyway. The one thing we have tried is keeping her up later and not putting her to bed until closer to dark. It seems to have helped so that's good.

Ziggy has also been extra clingy today. He hasn't left my side since I woke up - hopefully he knows something we don't know!

Again, I do have a picture for this week but it's on my phone and I will update later!