Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Decor

Inspired by all the other blogs featuring their fall decor, I decided to do the same! I've decided I don't want to pay full price for holiday decorations so I'm making do with what I've collected over the years and only adding a few pieces. Once each season/holiday passes, I will hit the clearance racks for next year!

This whole centerpiece is new!

pumpkins - $0.79 ea. - Walmart (plus 2 more that Ziggy ate)

placemat - $2.00 - Walmart

lantern - $14.00 - JcPenney - marked down from $80 (my MIL would be so proud)

candle - $4.99 - Home Goods

Total = $25.73

Nothing new here! Just rummaged through my GIGANTIC box of candles and switched out the old ones for some new fall inspired candles. Kept everything else the same

Total = FREE!

Again, nothing new. I have had the bowl for a few years and decided to go with nature's decorations.
Added bonus - my brother found an AMAZING produce market in Dearborn - all those peppers cost a whopping $5.00!

Total = $5.00

I swapped out the sticks for some fall inspired colors. The candle was from my stash!
Total = $5.99 for the sticks

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bouquet Painting

So after the wedding I couldn't bear to just throw away my bouquet. I also find dried flowers to just be dust collecters. I then stumbled across Grand Jour Events.

We apparently share the same anniversary so I was able to snag a discount on my very own bouquet painting. I gave her the colors I wanted before redoing our bedroom but turns out, I planned it out somewhere in my head, because it works!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Master Bedroom Transformation

When we moved into the house we decided to use a lot of my decor items from the apartment and the master bedroom was no exception. We knew we'd be registering for a new comforter set and I just didn't feel like being creative with the room in the midst of wedding planning. Now that the wedding is over, we are slowly redoing the rooms in our house. Master bedroom was the first we tackled.

If you need a reminder of the before:

Here's the after:

We changed out the candles hanging above the bed but kept the sconces. We changed the bedspread and added valences. Some of the decorations are the same and others have been changed.

I switched out the lamp base but kept the shade. We also changed the knobs on the closet to match the knobs on the furniture. Nick still has to build himself a closet on the right but in the meantime I covered the space with a curtain and a tension rod. It works for now.

I love live plants but generally am terrible at keeping them alive and the cats try to eat them. I bought these from IKEA and figure if one of the above 2 things happen, I'm not out that much money. So far, so good. I also am having a heck of a time finding the lamp I want. I want a tall lamp that I can put a lampshade on....IMPOSSIBLE. All lamps built for a shade are not THAT tall, and all the tall lamps are built for the sconce things. I found this one for 8 bucks at IKEA and figured it works for now. I hate the cord hanging down the whole dang thing. I also am looking for a compact chair to put in front of the lamp since that corner is a little empty now.

Also I am getting a painting done of my bouquet and it is in the same colors as our bedroom. I am planning on putting that in there as well.