Monday, April 11, 2011

Madelyn's First Playdate

Madelyn had her first playdate last week.  Since there's been a string of baby girls being born, we all decided to get together and swap stories.  The ladies didn't do much playing but it was nice to bounce ideas off of one another and share war stories.  After the playdate, Madelyn and Piper went on their first shopping trip together to the Somerset Collection.  Jen and I went a little crazy in Gymboree but the girls will be decked this summer as a result.

Madelyn showing Morgan (or Ali? - I can't tell!) the joys of Sophie

L-R on couch - Madelyn, Morgan/Ali (again I can't tell), Molly, Benson (our sole male)
In the left bouncer is Katherine and Piper is on the right.

The newest babes Kate and Piper

Madelyn and Katherine
The last picture was taken a few weeks earlier when Madelyn and I went to visit Rachael and Miss. Katherine.  Katherine was born on 3/12/11 (Piper's due date) and is a tall beauty.

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amw said...

damn jealous. so fun that you have so many friends with babes. playdates get way more fun when they can sit on their own.