Saturday, October 13, 2012


Fall is an incredibly busy time in the Barish house. Nick kicks of the season with his birthday on October 11. Ben is close behind on October 19. Throw in Halloween quickly followed up by Madelyn's birthday on November 17. Then we have Thanksgiving and before you know it - it's Christmas. Eek! It is beyond overwhelming! Fortunately, I have been planning ahead and seem to be cruising right along with the festivities. This week is going to be a big one!

Monday - my family is coming over for eggplant parmesan (just because)
Thursday - taking the girls to Little Boo at the Toledo Zoo then having family over for Ben's birthday.
Friday - family wedding
Saturday - Nick's birthday/UM v MSU party
Sunday - Ben's friend party/Lily's birthday party

Stay tuned for the details!

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