Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ben's Room - Before and After

The next room we are looking at is Ben's room. We went back and forth on a "theme" for the room and finally Ben decided on a Lego theme. Turns out that is not an easy theme to create seeing as Lego doesn't produce bedding or decorations.


This is a picture of his room when we were first looking at the house. As you can tell, they "staged" the room.

The nice thing about his room is the built in desk. We pulled out some of the closet organizer but left a lot of it in there. Ben definitely has the biggest closet in the house.


His room took 3 solid days to paint because of all the colors but I love the way it turned out.

This picture turned out a little dark but it shows his little table with the "Lego Soft". I found these giant legos on ebay and had planned on attaching them to wall somehow but Ben decided he would rather have them to use so they stay on his table.

Ben decided he wanted bunk beds so off to Ikea we went. The dresser on the left, the bunk beds and the bedding are all from Ikea. Fang has decided that Ben's room is where she is going to hide from Ziggy.

Bandit and Ben posing on the top bunk.

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lotus said...

LOVE the colors. he's one lucky kid!