Friday, May 8, 2009

More Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is alllllmost finished. We are waiting on one more cabinet (don't get me started on why it wasn't ordered with all the others!) and then it will be finished. I will post final pictures in 3-4 weeks (at least that's what they said at Lowe's). Which reminds me, I have to tell a story on why I HATE HATE HATE Home Depot! I will post the pictures too, I promise.

So Nick and I ordered new doors for all of our cabinets because we found that refacing is considerably less expensive than brand new cabinets. We go to Home Depot in Brighton to place our special order. The first guy that helps us takes our order and we sit there while he begins to type it into the system. We sat there for an hour and a half before another lady came in. Well I guess this guy doesn't normally work in the cabinet department because this lady started typing in our order. We find out that in the hour and a half that we were sitting there he order 2 (yes that's 2) doors! Plus, he ordered them incorrectly. Whatever, she fixes it and places our order. She tells us that the doors will be in within 3-4 weeks. They could be in earlier but she doesn't want to over promise. Sounds good. We leave.

Now begins the drama....

4 weeks later....

I call Home Depot to find out if the doors have arrived. The lady on the phone tells me that, no they aren't here but the system tells her they will be in tomorrow. Okay, great. I call "tomorrow" and find out that they were just shipped today so, no they aren't here but they will be in tomorrow. A little annoyed but whatever. I call again the next day. Nope, not here....they are coming from Texas and it takes a couple days to get to Detroit. They will be guessed it....tomorrow. At this point, I am really irritated and I let her know. She apologizes and says they will be here tomorrow. I call tomorrow and she says that they never made it on the truck in Detroit and that they are still in the warehouse downtown but they will be here TOMORROW! At this point I am fuming. I call the next day and she says they aren't here yet but they are on the manifest which means they will be here tonight around 5pm. They then have to unload the truck and I can pick them up, uh huh...tomorrow. I ask to speak to the supervisor and explain my extreme displeasure with the experience. My point - If they need to be on the manifest in order for them to be delivered to the store then why have your employees been telling me for a week that they will be here tomorrow, when there is no way that could happen. Whatever. She calls me later that night and tells me that the doors are in and I can pick them up but the veneer and trim was damaged and is on reorder.

So Nick and I head into Home Depot a full week after the "tomorrows" started to pick up the doors. We haggle with the supervisor and she allows us to return any pieces we don't need without the restocking fee. I ask how long it will take for the reorder. It is Thursday now and she says she will call the company today and call me back but that the order is not custom so it just has to be pulled off the shelf and should be here Monday.

My phone is quiet all weekend - no call. Monday - no call. Nick calls on Wednesday to ask what is going on. He is told that the order hasn't even shipped yet and that our reorder should arrive in 2 weeks. PIZZZED!!

Sunday evening I call Home Depot just to see if by chance they arrived. I speak to Biatch supervisor and she goes to look. Meanwhile we are "disconnected" even though I am still listening to hold music and she calls Nick on his cell phone. She says our stuff has been there since Friday. Nick says, "I need to speak with the store manager"

Store manager gets on the phone and says that she is really sorry no one called but they were "really busy" this weekend. We can come get our stuff now. WTF! Nick rants and raves and she agrees to credit us the cost of the reorder. She says that is 92.70. Nick says fine. They hang up and we look at our invoice. 92.70 is the cost of 1 piece...the whole reorder was over 200.00. Nick calls back immediately to confirm we are being credited the whole reorder, not just 92.70. The store manager says you agreed to 92.70 and I already entered it in the system. There's nothing I can do about it so too bad. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

So we call Home Depot credit card to dispute the charge and Home Depot corporate to dispute the charge.

The next day the store manager calls Nick to explain to him that he should be satisfied with 92.70 because that is what he agreed to. He explains that he agreed to the whole reorder, not 92.70 and he is extremely dissatisfied. She won't let him hang up until he says he is happy with the credit she gave him and finally he says he has to go and hangs up.

To date we don't know what has happened with either complaint but I will keep you all posted.

Moral of the story - Home Depot sucks! I highly recommend staying AWAY!

Now onto some pictures -

The wall of cabinets with new doors and Nick's fancy backsplash

Caleb and Nick moving the microwave again...I think this is the third time

Good view of the counter (take 2 - 1st one broke) and the backsplash in process

New fireplace door that Nick got for 15.00 plus spray paint! Jen and Japan would be proud!

This isn't in the kitchen but I couldn't resist. I was in the office, updating the blog while Nick and Caleb were installing the new vanity in the pink bathroom (see the pink floor tile). All of a sudden I hear Nick yell "Shite! Go turn the water off!!" and Caleb yells back "I don't know where it is!" and Nick takes off running. I use this opportunity to snap a pic!

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