Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Master Bedroom

We decided to just keep all of my old stuff for the master bedroom and register for new. Plus, I was getting tired of making decorating decisions so it made life easier. Nick thought he was going to hate the color but turns out he likes it. He is still going to have to build himself a closet since my clothes are presently occupying the entire closet. The room has one of the built in desks similiar to Ben's room so he will just knock that out and build there.

(I don't have any before pictures - my mom is gonna be mad since she told me to "make sure you take a ton of pictures.")

I just want to add that painting with the vaulted ceilings was an act of bravery! Nick had a bent ladder and said, "just keep your balance and you'll be fine". Plus half of the room was pretty much out of my reach so I am using paintbrush extentions and standing as high as I can on a janky ladder while on my tiptoes reaching to the ceiling. When peeling the tape off the last room, Nick says to me, "wow, this must have been really hard because I have a foot on you and it's tough for me to reach". Thanks dear.

Our bedroom served as Lego central while we were moving in. Ben was so excited to have ALL of his Legos back in one place again.

Some moving boxes.


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