Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day of Birthdays Part 1

(it took me awhile but here it is, Alyce)
Ben opted for The Hands On Museum as the party location. He made a great choice. We have a membership so we were able to get a discount on the party. They did just about everything. We were responsible for food and beverages. EVERYTHING else was supplied by the museum....right down to the goodie bags. Check out the party.........

12:30pm - Nick and I arrived to "setup". Really this involved dropping off our pop and cake. I then went to the lobby to greet our guests while Nick hung back in the room to greet the kids when they got to the room. Our party helper, Jennie had set up some crayons and paper for the kids to color while they waited.

1:00pm - Official party start time! We ate some pizza and Jennie led the kids in a project of Ben's choosing. His choices were make your own volcano and erupt it, make your own slime or build rockets and launch them. His choice......

The volcano, of course!

1:30pm - We began our guided tour of the museum. We visited 6 different rooms and had 10 minutes in each room. This was, by far the best part of the party! The adults were able to chat and the kids ran wild, perhaps learning a little something along the way!

2:30pm - We got back to the room and sang Happy Birthday! While I cut the cake, Nick supervised Ben opening his gifts. Another perk - Jennie wrote down who gave what gift for me! It was awesome!

3:15ish - The kids ate their cake and called it a day. Jennie helped load a cart and took it to our car for us. We loaded up the presents and headed home to continue our birthday party celebrations.......STAY TUNED

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