Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of Birthdays Part 2

We ended up having Ben's party on Nick's birthday so we just had to continue the festivities. After we wrapped up at The Hands on Museum we headed back to our house. My family and Nick's met us there for some Capri Bakery pepperoni rolls and more cake.

Caleb sat on the couch with Henry for awhile watching football

Then Scott and Charley joined in

I just had to include this picture....

Nick's Heath Bar cake....if enough people ask, I'll blog the recipe next ;)

Opening presents!


nlk731 said...

Wow! Not that we ever doubted that Emry was Scott's but that face is so his "do I look like I'm laughing?" face? Love it!

lotus said...

cool that you got the carlton clan over at your house. fun!