Saturday, December 4, 2010

Madelyn's Second Week

Well Madelyn's second week pretty much sucked, but not because of her. She did great! My grandpa died exactly 1 week after Madelyn was born with absolutely no warning. It caught everyone off guard and we all spent the next week reeling and trying to figure out funeral arrangements, celebrate Thanksgiving, take care of my grandma, and attend the funeral. Doing this with a 1 weeker made the whole process a little more challenging. My grandma kept saying she was go grateful my grandpa got to meet her!

We decided to go ahead and still get together for Thanksgiving. We figured, we would all be together anyway so we might as well eat turkey. We gathered at my parents' house and spent the day with family and friends.

We spent the rest of the weekend going to Grandma's everyday and working out funeral arrangements, putting together photo boards, organizing music and spending time together. It was nice to spend so much time with family but we never managed to get home before 11pm. This made her 2-3:30am playtime (she decided) a bit difficult to manage but Nick was awesome about switching on and off with me. It also made the whole "sleep when she sleeps" concept about impossible. Still, we managed and the family loved being able to spend all that time with her. I think she was a little ray of sunshine and happiness in an otherwise pretty glum time.

The viewing was Monday afternoon/evening and the paranoid mama in me didn't want to play pass the baby with all the people that were showing up. I decided to keep her in the Moby which discouraged touching and it worked like a charm. She ended up sleeping the entire time, only waking up for feedings. Sadly, most of my family hadn't met her yet and this was their introduction. It was a little strange and I don't think most people knew what to say to Nick and I. Do you congratulate us for the birth of our daughter or tell us you're sorry for our loss?

The funeral was Tuesday and again, Madelyn spent the day in the Moby to discourage germ passing.

Overall, she was a trooper and did very well considering all the stimulation for a brand new baby. The whole experience left me looking forward to week 3 where I could sit and cuddle my baby on the couch and keep her all to myself!

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amw said...

sorry again for loss sarah. i didnt know it was totally unexpected. hopefully he at least went without pain.

love the pics of madlet, she is so cute. and i love that the Moby worked so well for you. i hope you get through this tough time. sounds like you are doing fabulous, all things considered.

lova, al

p.s. new nickname idea Vio-lyn. i may use that in the future as well. ;)