Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 3 - check!

Week 3 was interesting. She is starting to develop more of a pattern but just as soon as we depend on that pattern she goes and changes it up! Most nights Madelyn is getting up around 2am and then again at 6am. A couple nights though, she decided to stay up from 2am UNTIL 6am - that was fun. One of the nights, I was ready for her! I decided to just plan on being awake all night so when she woke up at 2, I moby wrapped her arse and got to work doing the things I normally try to accomplish when she naps during the day. I cleaned my kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, wrapped ebay packages, clipped coupons, checked my blogs and got a load of laundry done! The best part was the next day, when she was napping I was able to nap too - guilt free napping because I had finished everything the night before.

Her cord finally fell off as well! It took a solid 3 weeks which seemed like a long time but considering she was a week late and took foooorrevvverr to get here, I'm getting used to operating on Madelyn time.

The dropping of the cord meant real baths! My mom gave Madelyn her first bath and she screamed bloody murder the entire time. Like a mean mommy, I videotaped it for future blackmail and embarrassment purposes. A few days later we decided to try the shower method and she LOVED it! I don't see us ever giving her a bath. It is much easier to have Nick hold her in the shower and I give her a quick scrubbing!

We also took her stroller on it's maiden voyage this week. My mom came over and we went to the mall. She slept the entire time! The stroller was amazing to push and turns even the tightest corners! My only complaint is that the basket doesn't provide much storage space and because I'm still new at this packing for a baby thing, I bring a lot of crap whenever we leave the house!

In mommy news, I took the sticky tabs off of my scar this weekend but still couldn't bring myself to look at it. After careful inspection, Nick says it seems to be healing well but still looks a little raw. Lovely.

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amw said...

yay week 3! i had to chuckle when i read "just when we thought she was on a sleep pattern..." at some point i guess they do have a preferred sleep pattern but then there is always something interrupting them teething, growth spurts, a cold, etc. it great that you were able to adapt so quickly. putting her in the moby and getting stuff done was a great idea. and yay for napping with her during the day. sleep keeps a momma sane.

glad you and madlet liked the shower. you could also try the bath again, but maybe one of you could actually get in with her so she feels held and comfy the entire time. she might like that.