Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weight Loss Check In

This week was a bit of an adjustment period. I was learning the online system of Weight Watchers since I had done the class system last time. They have also changed their program considerably since I last was on the wagon and all the points values have changed so I found myself looking everything up again. The biggest adjustment is figuring out how to eat as much food as breastfeeding allows. It has been a bit of a struggle, especially since some days it is 11am before I'm putting my first bite of food into my mouth. I also need to work on increasing my water intake and start exercising. I have taken Madelyn out in her stroller a few times this week to pick up Ben but it is hardly the exercise that gets your heart rate up.

Week 0 - 182.2
Week 1 - 176.8
Total Loss - 5.4

I should be really excited but I can attribute some of this loss to switching scales. The original weight was recorded on my doctor's scale which has never been friendly to me. Today's weight is from my scale at home. I would say 1-2lbs are from this but overall a good week.

Goals For This Week:
Drink my required water everyday
30 Day Shred at least twice

here's another adorable pic of Miss. M for reading this week's entry!


amw said...

good luck with the water thing. i drink cups and cups a day and im still thirsty. i found what helps though is having a glass of water in the room(s) i hang out in most often. it might feel like a bit of clutter, but it helps you grab and go when you feel the urge (and get a quick second). also, while holding a baby i found that it was pretty annoying to have to tip my head back a little to drink (i feel like a lazy fat couch potato saying that) so i invested in a package of straws and i find i drink a TON more. i can fill up my pint glass with water and in just a few seconds have sucked 2/3 of it down with my straw. yeah. i need to get a life.

also, bummer its a bit cold to be walking outside with a new(ish)born because i have arm, leg, and butt muscles that i didnt know existed before dexter. THAT could be your daily exercise for sure!

Georgette said...

OMG I love her face - i just want to eat up that toothless grin :)

30 day shred this Sat then? I'm there (and slightly terrified if I'm remembering the video correctly).