Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weight Loss Check In

Lost weight again! Yay! On another note, I'm beginning to question whether I will fit into my normal prepregnancy jeans ever again. I have a few pairs that have some stretch to them and I can wear those but I have my 2 favorites that still don't fit. I am now officially 3lbs less than I was when I got pregnant. I think my hips are permanently wider than before. I mean, these jeans aren't even close to fitting. Joy.

Week 0 - 182.2
Week 1 - 176.8
Week 2 - 176.8
Week 3 - 171.6
Week 4 - 170.0
Weekly Loss - 1.6
Total Loss - 12.2

I achieved my goal of working out twice this week! Thanks G for motivating my butt on Saturday!!

I really need to get better about tracking my points and upping my fruits and veggies. Things to focus on this week!

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