Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Madelyn's 4th Month

I can't believe she's four months old!  Overall I would describe this last month as fun!  I say this as I lie in bed with Miss. Madelyn and nurse her to sleep because she refuses to go to sleep on her own, so yes, I'm aware the tide could turn on me yet again.  Oh well, I'm going to relish in the joy that was month 4!  (And I really don't mind cuddling with my girl at bedtime.)

Big things in month 4 - hmmm....

This girl absolutely loves her jumperoo!  She would stay there for hours if I'd let her.  She's also figured out how it works so the second you put her in there, she takes off jumping!

Her hair is long enough for pig tails!  I want to melt into a puddle of mommy love every time I put pig tails in her hair.  It is the most freakin' adorable sight I've ever seen!

Miss. Madelyn is a jabberjaws.  She will "talk" all day long.  And she doesn't care if you're listening or not.  My mom calls her the boss and warns me that I've got another Molly on my hands.  *Sigh*  I love you sister bear but I'm tired just thinking about it.

She still hates her carseat and would much prefer to be a part of the action.  I've started wearing her in the moby and the ergo a lot more and she likes being able to look around.  I also used the shopping cart cover for the first time and plopped her booty in the seat of the cart - she thought she was the coolest kid on the planet.
coolest kid ever!

Her 4 month appointment was on her 4 month birthday.  She is absolutely perfect in every way.  She weighs 15lb 11oz which is the 90th percentile.  Height is 25 inches which is the 78th percentile.  If you're keeping track, she was 24 inches at her 2 month checkup so I asked the doctor why the slow down.  Her best guess is that the 2 month measurement was inaccurate.  She said the hardest measurement to get is the height because you have to stretch them out to do it which is about impossible.  Plus, to go from 21.5 inches at birth to 24 inches in 2 months is pretty crazy.  She got the next round of shots.  She cried but I managed to hold myself together this time.  She's been a bit fussier this time around though so I feel bad for the girl.

Madelyn has taken to pulling her pacifier out of her mouth, examining it and then trying to put it back in her mouth.  She usually fails at this and starts screaming until one of us puts it back.  I just found a Wubba Nub and it seems to satisfy her need to grab at things but still keep the pacifier in place.  It really is a brilliant idea and at 12 bucks a pop, someone's making a killing on these things.

She's also become obsessed with mobiles.  We ended up using one of the decorations from my baby shower as her mobile because I couldn't stand any of the gaudy plastic ones in the stores.  Well now I'm eating my words because we've tried out 2 mobiles in the past week and they are both gaudy and plastic.  Her pack and play came with a mobile but it's got the crank to make it work.  Think back to the swings of 1981.  She loves staring at it but it only lasts for a minute or two and then you're back in the room, cranking up the mobile again.  Not fun.  Now we are searching for a battery operated mobile that meets my decor demands.

What else happened this month?

Well Miss. Piper Stepke was born!  Welcome to the world Piper!  Madelyn and I went up to meet her the day after she was born.  I cannot wait to see those two toddling around in a couple of years - it is going to be the cutest thing EVER!  And how fun, to have a friend that you can honestly say you've known since birth.  Nick is glad he's got James to go gun and shovel shopping with in 16 years.  His words, not mine. 
new BFF's!

Also, congratulations to Nick and Rachael Morley on the birth of Katherine Rose.  We are still waiting to meet her but have seen pictures and she's beautiful.  Yet another girl to add to the mix!

So all in all, a pretty good month!  Keep it up baby girl!

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love the pig tails. yay for moby and ergo wear!