Friday, March 4, 2011

Witty Onesies

Miss. M has accumulated quite a collection of witty onesies.  The best part, they are each 100% Madelyn and each onesie has it's own story.
Aunt Molly made this one.  Zigs loves chasing squirrels.

From Aunt Cathy.  Sorry to say it M, they are ALL your relatives.  Welcome to the family.

From Aunt Molly during her trip to Vegas.

Another Aunt Molly onesie

Mom found this one.  It's just true - plain and simple.

Aunt Jody (who else).  I love this one but can't bring myself to have her wear it in public!


amw said...

lol. so jody did actually give that one to you. awesome. and love the "id rather be naked" and "hes my dad" ones. cute cute.

nlk731 said...

I love the look on her face with in "don't laugh, he's my dad" onesie. it's like she's playing along with the message on the onesie!

Anonymous said...

I'm happier if your naked too and never mind mom being nice n tight soon I want to see how tight u are