Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Madelyn's 14th Month

Big things this month! I feel like Miss. M is on the verge of leaving babyhood and moving full force into toddlerdom!

Words - Zzzzzzthhhhhhge (Ziggy). Mo! (more). Woo woo (woof woof). Baw (ball). Dahg (dog).
I can ask her questions and she will respond now which is helpful when it comes to mealtime.

Personality - Madelyn is full of it! She has mastered her "Mom, you are SO not cool and really annoying me right now" face. She has also started yelling at Ben if he is bugging her. Even though it sounds like rrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh, there is no mistaking she is basically saying "leave me alone"! Miss. M is loving her mama these days and I am not complaining. She loves giving hugs and just sitting in my lap while she plays. It has made cooking dinner a little challenging since that tends to be her witching hour. I've broken out the Ergo again and she is content to just hang out on my back while I cook. Fortunately, the Ergo still fits even with my growing bump. She also loves to give her "oh wow, I'm so surprised by whatever you just did face" and her "are you catching this?" faces.

Walking - She is so close! Miss M. can walk between people and can also walk to me from the couch or ottoman but she has yet to walk from one object to another. She prefers to walk when there is a crowd to cheer her on. I know she is capable but just doesn't feel the need yet. She has also gotten better at just standing on her own but mostly does it when she is distracted and not realizing what she's doing.

Eating - Madelyn has gotten better about eating meat but drinking milk is still a no go. She likes using a fork or a spoon but hasn't mastered getting the food onto her utensil. If we put the food on the fork she wants to be the one to put it into her mouth. Using utensils has definitely contributed to her willingness to try new foods. If it's on her tray then it's boring but once it's on a spoon, it's a whole new ball game! We went through a phase of her throwing her food on the floor when she was done eating. A few days on strict "no's" and grabbing her hand before she could drop it plus showing her how to either put it in her cup holder on her tray or give it to us ended that habit. We figured out she wants her tray cleared off when she's done eating and once we showed her how to get rid of the food she wasn't going to eat, all was good again.


amw said...

awesome times. dexter saw the pic of madelyn with her mouth open and said "shes yelling". lol.

Sarah said...

haha - too funny. that is actually just one of her faces. i am not really sure where she got it from but she loves to scrunch up her nose.