Wednesday, January 4, 2012

22 weeks

20 more to go!

I had a prenatal appointment with my midwife this morning. Everything is looking good! Blood pressure was 118/68 which I guess I good. I have no idea what is a good blood pressure but I would consistently get higher readings when I was younger which was always attributed to white coat syndrome. Anyway, I always make sure to ask if I am where I should be.

I only gained 2lbs this month. I was definitely dreading the weigh in. Aside from no booze another Christmas pregnancy bummer is having to get on that scale right after the holidays. Good fun for all. I was shocked it was only 2lbs but I'll take it!

Baby's heartrate was in the 150s for those who use the heartrate to predict gender.

I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some cardio into my day - I'm thinking some mall walking with Miss. M will be my game plan for awhile.

Other than that, nothing exciting to report. I have my 1 hour gestational diabetes test next time I go. I can't believe I am already to the point in this pregnancy that these tests start. Next thing you know it will be time for the Strep B test and then it's go time!

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