Friday, August 17, 2012

Madelyn's 21st Month

Much better month Miss. M! We cracked down on your "rests" and it has made a big difference. You also seem to realize that taking the time to show us what you want is much more successful than just yelling. Awesome work!

You went to the dentist for the first time this month and did a great job. They didn't do a cleaning - just wanted to check for any major issues. Your teeth look fantastic. Your dentist did say you have a narrow palate - probably from your pacifier, but she is not concerned. You sweet talked your way into 2 toothbrushes, a ball and a little purse.

You are starting to show an interest in "grown up things". You like to help me clean the house and love using the little broom and dust pan. You could spend hours in my closet playing with my purses and shoes. Recently, you came into the bathroom while I was straightening my hair and insisted I do your hair also. You sat on the counter and stared at your reflection the entire time. Quite a little fashionista you are turning into!

You are saying more and more words every day and have even started putting 2 words together. Your favorites right now are purple, bumbo and thank you. You also love more please!

You still love your pacifiers but not really for sucking on. When I put you to bed, you insist on putting a pacifier on every single one of your fingers. I want to get a picture so badly but I keep forgetting!

Favorites right now include pushing your babies in the umbrella stroller, riding your four wheeler, feeding yourself cereal and yogurt (and you do a great job!), watching Finding Nemo (we started letting you watch tv in short 10 min increments), and covering Ada in kisses.

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