Thursday, August 13, 2009


So after a major departure from blogging, I'm back, married and committed to keeping this blog going. This originally started as a food blog but melded into posting about the house and now I've decided to post about really whatever I want to talk about. There will be a wedding post in the future but I'm waiting on pro photos so until then, this will have to do.

We took a mini "vacation" after the wedding - aka - camping overnight at Bruin Lake in Gregory. We had the best of intentions but it was freaking me out that my house was a disaster and Nick had school stuff to take care of so we ended up shortening our trip to an overnighter.

Here's some pictures to get you through:
My adorable Ziggy, he was not a fan of being on a leash

Nick and Ben playing some UNO

So I ended up packing for this trip in about 3 hours, which also included a trip to Meijer for food. We of course, forgot some things so I've created a list of camping gear for all you nature lovers out there. Plus, I can then refer back here next time we go so I am a little more prepared.


  • butter for sandwich maker
  • garbage bags
  • sharp knife
  • paper plates and plastic silverware
  • table cloth and holders
  • baby wipes or clorox wipes
  • soap sponges (soft scrub makes them - no need to bring dish soap)
  • pillows/sleeping bags/sheets (if you have a sweaty hubby like mine)
  • toiletries (i prefer travel size and disposable since they get gross)
  • beer (duh)
  • bottled water
  • coolers
  • folding chairs
  • sandwich maker/grill grate/other cooking gear
  • tongs
  • marshmallow sticks
  • dog blanket
  • tarps
  • air mattress
  • broom (for sweeping out the tent)

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