Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Car!!

My lease was up the week after the wedding and even though I knew it was quickly approaching, I delayed doing anything about it until the week it was due. I then get distracted all week and do nothing. Finally Friday rolls around and I call the dealership to find out when it's due. Today. Oh okay, that's good. Nick and I start to scramble, contact Krug Ford in Brighton and Paul, my favorite car salesman ever, comes to the rescue. I even got to pick up my new baby later that day! What is it, you ask?

2010 Mercury Mariner - LOADED!
(and I'm not kidding about the loaded)

It comes with the new Sync technology which allows you to talk through your car into your phone. It also allows you to talk to your car like it's a person and NOT sound like a crazy person. (I really like that part) Nick is happy about the hands free phone part because he is convinced I would end up in an accident one day because I was talking on my phone. He may have some evidence to back up his story, seeing as the lease I turned in had some damage due to a phone conversation and a pole....long story....later post.

Anyway....onto the pictures!

There she is!

Leather interior

(I highly recommend this with kids and dogs. Spills and hair just wipes clean, no stains!)

*please ignore the passenger seat - or consider it a sneak peek of soon to be updated master bedroom

Loaded! I'm only missing 2 buttons - heated and cooling seats. Plus a 6 month trial of Sirius!


*Kim* said...

Nice ride!! :) You will LOVE satellite radio. I got a free 1yr trial when I got my new car last year and I was like "whatever, radio is radio, it's free I'll take it for a year". Well, my year was up in Feb and I had to renew because it's so much better than regular radio.

sbowersox said...

seeee...that's what i'm afraid of! oh well, it'll be my little treat for myself