Monday, November 2, 2009


I took a coupon class from Laura, The Sharp Scissors Lady a few months ago and it has definitely paid off! I've started gathering my coupons and slowly started stockpiling some items. I made a trip to Super Kroger in Howell today and hit the jackpot!

My total was $110.77


The cashier started scanning my coupons.....

GRAND TOTAL = $25.49

The guy behind me said "wow! That's impressive. Is today some crazy coupon day?" Nope, just everyday at Super Kroger!


Georgette said...

Wow - I need to take one of those classes! That is amazing!

*Kim* said...

Nice work!! I follow her blog too and I've started clipping coupons again. I haven't taken a class yet, and I certainly haven't been as successful as you yet but it's fun and I love all the money I'm saving!