Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ben and Madelyn Conquer Ann Arbor

The last day of school is tomorrow.  That makes Monday the first day I parent both chitlins all day long all by my lonesome.  In a quest to figure out how to spend our summer days, I realized there is so much Ann Arbor has to offer that we need to discover.  After our first day of exploring, Ben and I discussed the need to try out all kinds of new activities all summer long.  I also mentally noted my need to blog all these activities all summer long.  Here's how we kicked off summer(ish):
Miss. Madelyn and Ben started swim lessons!  I was able to find simultaneous classes on Saturday mornings.  It makes life a little chaotic at the end of class since Ben has to get himself dressed while Madelyn and I get ready in the ladies locker room.  I don't want Ben waiting for us longer than necessary but bathing and dressing a mobile six month old in a timely fashion is a serious challenge.  Nick will be done with classes this Saturday (yay!) and can take care of Ben but until then we are making it work.

After swim class we decided it was time for lunch. 

I had stumbled upon Mark's Carts one night and decided we had to try it ASAP.  Ann Arbor has street meat, folks!  We did the whole food truck dining when we visited the brother-in-law in San Francisco and it went over well with Ben so I was excited to try it again with him.  The nice part is that the trucks are all set up in a patio-type area with various seating options.

Ben and I checked out the different options and decided to try Debajo del Sol.  Ben opted for Chorizo Corn Dogs and I got the Pulled Pork Paella.  The paella was decent but the corn dogs were out of this world delicious!  The best part - Madelyn was so wiped out from swimming she spent the entire time we were there  doing this:

Chorizo Corn Dogs

Pulled Pork Paella

After lunch, we decided to hit up the Farmer's Market so I could pick up our eggs and lettuce for the week.  On our way, we hit a roadblock and discovered a festival going on in full force - music, vendors, food and people.  We parked and decided to check it out.

We walked through and made it to the Farmer's Market - got our goodies and headed back.

On the way back, Ben managed to score a balloon.
All in all the day was a major success!

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amw said...

love the zebra suit and i love how much you fit into one day. sounds like a great start to summer! those food trucks sound awesome!