Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Nick finished up his semester just in time to celebrate Father's Day.  We spent Sunday just hanging around the house eating, lounging and getting odd jobs done.  I've mentioned Nick's recent facination with food on a stick and I decided to base an entire day's worth of food around this obsession.  It all started with presents...

Ben and Madelyn decided Nick would love a hose reel for the garden hose, a new hose nozzle and some stainless steel skewers (that I had to use for our cooking activities)
Breakfast was pretty basic - just skewered some fruit, a dollop of Cool Whip and a leftover crepe from dinner the night before.  That's right - I made crepes.  Easier than I thought it would be.

After breakfast, we started the relaxing portion of the day.  Nick finally got to use the hammock I got for his birthday over a year ago!

Madelyn decided to hang with Dad for awhile.

Then it was lunch time.  I found a cool recipe for BLTs - skewer style.  They were pretty tasty.  The grilled bread was definitely my favorite!

After lunch it was time to clean the house.  And yes, I stayed in jammies all day.  That's what Sundays are for. 

Nick and Ben worked on a Lego shelving project in the garage.

Then it was dinner time.  In honor of my Grandpa, we made Shrimp Boil kebabs.  The picture was taken after we pulled everything off the skewers.  It was by far the best meal of the day!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

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