Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letters to Madelyn


I made a promise to myself and to you while I was still pregnant to not compare milestones.  I vowed to not become one of those moms that obsesses over whether or not her baby is hitting developmental points at all the right times.  I knew you would learn each of these things in your own time and didn't want the added pressure of making sure you were the "star of the class" so to speak.

That being said, here we are seven months later and I just took my first peek at "where you should be".  And baby girl - your mama is so proud of you! 

People have been telling your Dad and I from day one that you are ahead of the curve.  I tried not to read too much into it since I figured people are obviously going to compliment babies.  However, as time kept going on and it continued to happen I got a little curious.  Finally, a trip to the pediatrician was all it took to send me to the milestone charts.  We were sitting in the office and you were sitting on the table during the exam.  Your doctor was so impressed with how straight you were sitting and that you continued to sit that well for a good thirty minutes.  She guessed that by the time we go back for your nine month appointment you would be walking!  Walking!?!?  I couldn't resist any longer and I had to check out how awesome you really are.

Here's what I found for seven months:
Beginning skills - sitting without support and pulling objects to you.  You've got that under control.
Emerging skills - rocks on all fours and jabbers.  I think this video speaks for itself.
And we all know you've been a jabber jaws for quite some time now.
Finally this is where I became a believer.
Advanced skills - waves goodbye and bangs objects together.  You do both of these!!  I was a skeptic when it came to the waving but you have done it enough times at the absolute most appropriate time that I am convinced you know what you're doing.

So there you have it - you are already head of the class and you're only seven months old.  I am one proud mama!!

Love you,

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