Friday, December 30, 2011

21 weeks

#2 is half baked!! Madness! This pregnancy seems to be flying by which is both good and bad. The good - we are that much closer to seeing the next member of the Barish crew. The bad - we haven't even started getting ready for this baby. Yikes! Nick and I are taking this winter to buckle down and begin "Operation Get Ready for a Baby".

Big projects ahead include:
  • remodeling the former "ebay room" in the basement into Ben's new bedroom. This involves putting in a drop ceiling, drywall, new windows and flooring. It also involves a closet project since the closet that is there now is taking up most of the room. We always pay for these projects by putting the balance on our Lowe's card since it is no interest for a year but I swear, everytime we pay off that card another project comes up that we put back on it. I think I have been paying Lowe's $100 a month for close to 3 years now. Ugh!

  • Turn Ben's current room into Baby #2's nursery. I have started pulling some ideas and am loving yellow and gray! Check out my Pinterest board! I keep toying with delegating this project to my mom. She does an awesome job with designing interior spaces and I know she would love the project but it would mean I have to give up some control - not my strong suit! This also means we need to buy all new nursery furniture. Ugh! (Turns out second babies cost more than the first around here!) We didn't buy a glider for Madelyn's room but instead used one I had gotten from my parent's a few years earlier. It wasn't the most comfortable thing and as a result we hardly used it. We decided to splurge on a nice glider for #2's room. I made the mistake of sitting in one at Pottery Barn Kids and fell in love - the problem is the $1000 price tag. We won't be buying that one but I now know the style I want.

  • Find a stroller. The other big purchase we need to make is a double stroller. Sometime this winter we are going to hit up some stores and play around with them. I don't want a giant, clunky thing but I also want to make sure both kids are going to fit comfortably in whatever we choose. The stroller that is leading the way right now is the City Mini Select. I love the stadium seating and all the seating options but again - that stinkin' price tag (starts at $500)

  • Then there's the small matter of naming this child. Still nothing.

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