Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 goals - January check in

We are already pushing into February which means it is time to check in and see how I'm doing on my 2012 goals.

Meal Planning - I did pretty well here but am still going to make some changes. I did a full menu plan for 2 weeks. The third week, I tried to make do with food we had around the house, mostly frozen meats to keep the grocery bill down. It seems like meal planning definitely increased my weekly grocery bill. I have also been buying for the Once a Month Cooking throughout the month (still have to do my big cooking day) so I'm hoping that is where the bulk of the cost is going. Plus, here I sit on Monday with no meal plan for this week. I've found the weekly meal planning is definitely easy to get burnt out on so I might turn this into an every other week meal planning coupled with eating freezer meals in between. It will still build up my freezer stash, just not as quickly.

Couponing - I have ordered coupons once but haven't been able to hit a sale yet. I am waiting patiently, ready to go.

Purge My House - Man alive scanning pictures takes forever! I am down to my last 2 photo albums so this one has to continue onto February. I made it about 25% of the way through the basement until I hit the photo albums and this has definitely slowed me down. At the same time, Nick has cleaned out Ben's future bedroom which is creating more clutter - overwhelming but hopefully this is the biggest project for the house.

Pay Something Off - Still just plugging away with monthly payments.

Timeblock - This is another one that needs to get revamped. It is way to hard to decide what times to get things done around here since Madelyn's naps are fluctuating like whoa these days. Instead I have turned it into a general game plan for the day. I first decide if I'm staying home or hitting the roads. I then create a mini to do list for the day and accomplish it as time allows.

Focus on Work - I'm still under the non compete so this goal isn't full steam ahead yet.

Reduce Plastic/Nasty - Embarassed to say I've done nothing here

Project 365 - As I'm sure you've seen - this has been revamped into Project 300ish and it seems to be going well.

Pinterest - I did pretty good here this month! I made several of the recipes and they turned out pretty well. I am actually ahead of schedule on this one!

VBAC - I've just been focusing on staying active, taking advantage of the warm days when we have them and getting outside for walks plus doing yoga. I have also been doing some of the stretches on spinning babies. I have my 1 hour glucose test in a couple of weeks so that is the next hurdle.

Monthly Goal Check - Done and done!

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