Friday, February 17, 2012

28 weeks!

Officially in the third trimester - yikes! Still don't have a name or a nursery but we are making progress towards both. I was able to score a new stroller on craigslist so we can cross that off the list and Nick is finishing up Ben's room this week so we can move him next week. This means we can start #2's room after that. We found fabric and my mom ordered it and will be making the bedding and window treatments - so excited!!!

Pregnancy news - I passed my 1 hour glucose test! Yay! Blood pressure was 118/60 which is where it has been all along. Weight gain - I honestly don't know how much I gained since my last appointment because I can't keep track of where I was at the last appointment. Overall, I am up 20ish lbs and still 20 lbs less than I was when I had Madelyn. Baby's heartrate was 140 and my midwife thinks he/she is head down which is good. I still feel pretty good but definitely am tired once Madelyn goes to bed.

I have been doing yoga and walking when weather permits (which is often this winter - thank you weather man!). I have also been doing some of the exercises from spinning babies. My midwife showed me an excercise to do with Nick that can help ensure this little one stays anterior. She also recommended we take a childbirth class since we didn't with Madelyn. I am researching all the local options and will hopefully find one by the end of the week.

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