Sunday, February 19, 2012

Madelyn's 15th Month

These pictures are getting harder to capture!
This kid is on the move! She is now walking about 80% of the time. What's funny is she actually walks more as the day progresses, ending the night with actual laps around the kitchen and living room until I burst her bubble and put her to bed. I am pretty sure the laps are an attempt to keep moving lest she sit down and accept the fact that she's tired. Oh Madelyn, always a party!

We've also been working on using utensils while she eats. I've found she is much more accepting of foods she generally turns her nose at once I put it on a fork or spoon. She can load a spoon herself by picking up the food and putting it on the spoon and then bringing it to her mouth. Still working on stabbing things with the fork.

She loves blowing kisses and waving at me whenever she leaves a room. She also loves clapping for herself whenever she walks from one end of the room to the other. She also loves to climb into her very own recliner and read her books. It cracks me up everytime I walk in the room and find her reading to herself. New words - ni ni (night night) and raaaaa (her answer to what a lion says). She can point to her head when asked and same with her belly. She has also learned her first sign thanks to her BFF, Piper. Madelyn can now sign milk but I'm pretty sure she has no idea what it actually means since Piper uses it to nurse and Madelyn hasn't nursed in 3 months. I think she uses it as a way to show me she wants something.

Speaking of Piper, Madelyn and I went to visit Piper and her mama, Jen in Minnesota this month. It was a great few days full of baby friendly activities. We went to Mall of America, the Minnesota Children's Museum, a local baby play area and joined in on Piper's Music Together class. The girls had a great time playing together and it was nice to see Jen too!! We joked that it was Madelyn's baby moon since she will be sharing the spotlight in a few short months. Madelyn did a great job traveling and charmed both the pilots and the flight attendants, scoring herself both pilot and flight attendant wings plus oodles of cookies and pretzels. Jen shared a her travel tip to bring a whole apple on the plane for Madelyn to eat. It worked beautifully and kept her entertained for a good part of the flight. We were also lucky enough to score Madelyn her own seat for all legs of our flights which was awesome! I'm not sure how I would have managed to actually keep her in my lap.

Miss. Madelyn is during into quite the little dare devil. She climbs onto the ottoman in her room and rocks herself. She also tries to stand on the seat of her 4 wheeler. When she uses her walking toy, walking is just too slow so now she breaks into a full on run. She got her first shiner this month when she fell face first into the ottoman after walking a little too fast during one of her laps. I have a feeling this is just the first of many scrapes and bruises in her childhood.

She also had her first real few days of not feeling good. She's had a couple running noses and coughs but nothing major. Sadly, my poor little girl had double ear infections. We opted out of giving her the antibiotics because Nick and I both had tons of ear infections as little kids and as a result built up immunities to antibiotics. The antibiotics only work about 50% of the time and I don't want to jump to them every infection. We controlled her fever with tylenol and within a couple days she was back to herself again so I think we made the right decision. I still felt horrible for her while she was under the weather - ear infections are the WORST!

Last big thing - Madelyn had her first sleepover at Grandma's house! It was nice to go out to dinner with Nick on Valentine's Day and eat my food when it got to the table and drink my own water. It was also nice to sleep in the next morning but man, did I miss her little butt! My mom said she did great! Went to sleep without any hitches and slept right through the night as if she was at home.

Another great month!!

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