Sunday, April 22, 2012

37 weeks!

**I have a picture but am too lazy to get it off my phone. I'll add it later but I figured I should publish this post before it is outdated!

Full term! Only 5 more weeks to go! (or less)

I am beginning weekly visits with my midwife. We finished birth class and have met with our doula. Next doula visit is on Monday.

Group B strep test was negative! yay! My midwife recommended I take evening primrose oil a couple times a day and drink oodles of red raspberry tea. I have been drinking "pregnancy tea" for the past couple months which includes red raspberry leaf and nettles so we are good there. I submitted my birth plan and she said everything looked good. The only two potential issues are intermittent monitoring vs. continuous. Basically, it is up to the midwife on duty based on the initial 20 min strip in triage. Provided the strip comes out well, intermittent monitoring shouldn't be an issue. The second is having my doula present in the event of a c-section. I guess this one is up to the doctor.

My doula recommended I see a chiropractor since Miss. M was posterior and although this little one is anterior his/her butt is on the right side which could cause him/her to go posterior during labor. I am trying a new one since the last one I saw was unimpressive. My appointment is scheduled for Monday morning.

Nursery details - everything is done! (almost) My mom is working on the bedding and we are waiting on the glider but other than that, we are done! Once I get the bedding, I will do a reveal.

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