Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ada's 2nd Month

Little girl - you turned a major corner this month! You slept through the night for the first time. Granted, you woke up at 6am but I'm not complaining! Your sleep routine has gotten much more manageable. You refuse to sleep until around 10pm but then sleep until 3am. Now you are eating and falling right back to sleep. Unfortunately for Daddy, you sleep in our bed at that point in the night so he has to hit the couch until morning. You then sleep until 9 or 10 in the morning! Way to go Ada Bug!

You have gotten way more vocal this month as well. I know you are up in the mornings because I hear you babbling to yourself from the livingroom. It is way cuter than when you would cry to tell me you were awake! Your doctor said your verbal skills are that of a 4 month old! You can support your weight on your legs when we hold you up as well - again, similiar to a 4 month old! You also like when I pull you up to a sitting position by holding your hands. And the smiles, oh the smiles! They melt my heart and I think you know it so you keep flashing those gums!

We've started calling you a T-Rex since you tuck your little arms up when you are sitting or sleeping. You have an unfortunate cowlick on the back of your head that I'm hoping settles down when your hair grows out more. Your hair has started getting a little lighter but I don't think you will end up being blond.

We went up north for the 4th of July and you definitely let me know how you feel about long car rides. (You hate them) Turns out, you love riding on the Ranger and it puts you to sleep every time. Too bad we don't have one of those at home.

Definitely a good month for you Miss. Ada!

Stats - 13lb 8oz - 23.75"

Likes - your (Lily's) play mat, bouncing on the yoga ball, when mama talks to you

Dislikes - your pacifier, long car rides

Firsts for the month - time at the beach, trip to Bar 10, Ranger ride, meeting Uncle Jason and Avery

Nicknames - Adarater, Percolator, Alligator, Adagator, T-Rex, Ada Bug

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