Sunday, July 22, 2012

Madelyn's 20th Month

Miss M - you have been exerting your independence and opinions this month. Holy moly lady! I can tell you are beyond frustrated at not being able to talk. I also can feel some molars starting to poke through your gums. Combining these things with having to share your mama with Ada and creeping closer to those terrible two's has made this past month a rough one for you. Big hugs baby girl - we will get through it, I promise! I've found that keeping you on a schedule, especially "rest times" helps a lot because you tend to melt down pretty quickly when you are tired. We've started using time outs and I don't think you mind them. They help you "reset" and give you a change of scenery so we will keep using those as a method of discipline.

There have been a lot of good things this month too! You absolutely love swim class, you little fish! The instructor was so impressed with your level of comfort in the water that she thought you were ready to get water poured on your head. After she did it, you looked at her like "no big deal", I do this every day. You also have figured out how to steer your four wheeler. This has made riding it a whole lot more fun! Dad had to teach you to stay out of the street but once you figured out to stay on the sidewalk, we were in business.

We went up north for 4th of July and you had a blast. You love riding the Ranger and the 4 wheelers and would tell us you wanted to "vroom vroom" whenever you wanted to go for a ride. You also went in the pond a few times via "boat boat" and loved it. We spent a day at Lake Huron and it was your first time at the beach! Again - you loved it!
You had your first McDonald's french fries on the way up north and you savored every one of those fries.

We brought your potty upstairs but haven't really started potty training. It just serves as an option if you want to use it. You like to sit on your potty if you catch me in the bathroom. Mom's really don't get alone time once they have babies. You can tell us if you are going #2 and a lot of the time, you let us put you on the potty for it. You then like to wave and say "buh bye poop" when we flush.

You love pushing things around - strollers, grocery carts, your wheely bug, whatever you can get your hands on.

Overall, it was a pretty big month. Now if we can just get those teeth through, we'll be in business!

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Stop it with that last picture! I could just eat her!