Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mid Year (ish) Check In

I meant to check in on my 2012 goals every month but it turns out living life got in the way. The way I see it, a mid year review is better than nothing! Let's see how I've done...
1. Meal Planning - this one has been hit or miss. I will have a good couple of weeks and then nothing for a week or so. I did end up making some freezer meals for post Ada but it turns out most freezer meals involve reheating in the oven. Well, it has been a crazy hot summer so most of those meals are still in the freezer. I have definitely not done the once a month cooking. That is on hold until life calms down more.

2. Couponing - ha! Haven't done a single thing with this one.

3. Purge My House - I am always working on this one but it seems like stuff gets brought in faster than I can get rid of it. I can't say there has been any major breakthrough but I have definitely kept at it.

4. Pay Off Something - Still working at it. Definitely making progress. I finally feel like my car loan is actually shrinking which is a nice feeling.

5. Timeblocking - I did pretty well with this one until Ada's debut. Having a newborn makes timeblocking of any kind pretty much impossible. I have recently started again.

6. Focus On Work - I switched this one up a bit. I am in the office on Tuesday and Thursday. I have a friend's daughter coming to my house on Monday and Wednesday for a few hours. This routine is working pretty well so far but we'll see what happens come fall.

7. Reduce Pesticide/Plastic Nasty - Still slowly moving forward with this one. No major breakthroughs.

8. Project 365 - turns out this is really hard. I have probably taken a picture just about every day but am terrible at sharing them with the world. I think it's safe to say I am giving up on this one.

9. Pinterest - I haven't done a full count but I am definitely past the 25 pin goal. Most of them are recipes but it still counts.

10. Plan a 2013 Trip - No progress. Nick and I are talking about Riviera Maya again. Oh Honeymoon, how I miss thee!

11. VBAC - Check this one off the list!

12. Monthly Goal Check - how about semi-annual goal check?

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