Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy House Holiday Challenge - Week 2

Good news - we made it through the week!!  Bad news - I didn't accomplish everything.

Make the bed - 6/7 - Now onto the excuses. My mom's dog got fleas and since Ziggy spends tons of time with Cedar we just assumed he had gotten them too. This turned our weekend into "Operation Flea Removal". Not fun. Normally, if you just have a dog with fleas it isn't as bad but because we have cats and they could have gotten them too we had to wash every single soft surface in our house. That much laundry resulted in not making the bed one day because of the laundry backup. Thankfully, we never found a flea so I don't know that Ziggy actually got them but better safe than sorry. I have never vacuumed my house so much. Ugh!

Empty the sink - 7/7! - Go me!

Deep clean the kitchen - done and done! The really good news....our dining area is attached to our kitchen and I wasn't sure where to stop the deep clean so I already did this week's deep clean as well! I am going to deep clean the bedrooms this week instead. I'm not sure if that will be part of the challenge but I figure they could use it.

Here is what I learned in deep cleaning my kitchen.

1. I accumulate a lot of stuff that I never end up using. I wound up with at least 4 bags of food, dishes, dish towels, utensils, etc that I either forgot we had or we haven't touched in at least a year. I was feeling motivated so out of the house it went! The big purge felt good!

2. Cleaning with a mobile baby puts an even greater challenge into the Happy House Challenge. Madelyn wants to be a part of everything and I wound up vacuuming her pants many times because she just loved crawling in the dirt.

3. Deep cleaning for me = Extra projects for Nick. As I was crawling into crooks and crannies to clean every cobweb, I also managed to find little things I need Nick to fix in the kitchen. On his todo list now: repaint the kitchen trim and touch up some peeling tiles on the floor.


KITCHEN DURING aka - my helper


please ignore that open drawer - didn't realize it until just now and I'm too lazy to go take another picture.


Mrs.CFH2 said...

Nice work! It's definitely harder to get things done with a wee one running around! Thanks for linking up...I caught you in my Reader before I saw it on the InLinkz and was about to yell at you to link up :)

Oh and the bedrooms definitely will be hit. The only areas that won't are the office, basement and entryway. So if you want, tackle one of those!

Sarah said...

ooo I might tackle the basement - it has turned into the holding pen for baby things Madelyn has grown out of and a mess of holiday tubs. Yikes! Thanks for the challenge!

Mrs.Miller said...

Way to go Sarah! Your kitchen looks very warm and inviting!