Thursday, October 13, 2011

Holiday Challenge

I have been following Molly at My Happy House for awhile now and always creates these organizing/cleaning challenges. They are super simple and don't take a lot of time but I can't seem to get over my laziness and actually participate. Well not anymore folks, I am joinging the My Happy House Challenge! I am hoping by blogging about it on here, I will hold myself accountable and actually complete this challenge. In her post, Molly shares that Thanksgiving is only 6 weeks away! 6 weeks! Stop it! This is even more frightening because Miss. Madelyn was born 1 week before Thanksgiving which means I not only have the holidays coming up but a 1st birthday party as well!!

If you want to check out the challenge head on over to My Happy House!

1 comment:

Mrs.CFH2 said...

Woo hooooo!!! Glad to see you are joining. I will totally call you out if you ditch me too ;) Kidding. Sort of.

Side note: My word verification is "thingi" and that made me laugh