Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Madelyn's 11th month!

Heat of teething = sad baby
One more month and Miss. M is the big one year. And I am one sad mama bear. I love the little lady she is becoming but I definitely miss her squishy baby days. Well let's recap.

Food - She has definitely starting making her preferences known. Right now those favorites are scrambled eggs, corn, peas, bananas, yogurt, string cheese, bread and mushrooms. Nick and I tried giving her some mixed veggies that included corn, peas, green beans and carrots. This girl picked out every single pea and corn kernel but wouldn't touch the carrots or green beans. I even tried cutting the green beans to resemble peas. Didn't matter. Now she likes to put all the food she isn't going to eat into her cup holder on her high chair. And once she's done eating, Madelyn decides to share her leftovers with Ziggy by dropping each piece on the floor one at a time. Ziggy has figured out this game and lays under her high chair the entire time she eats. I am amazed by how much food she manages to put away - must be a growth spurt!
At Dad's 30th birthday dinner

Teeth - Nick and I better start saving now for the inevitable braces. Her teeth are coming in the most bizarre order I have ever seen. She got another one this month. One of her premolars made it's debut. I don't know which one since there aren't any other teeth back there to use as a reference. This tooth was a beast to get through. Poor Madelyn had all the traditional teething symptoms. Runny nose, slight fever and just generally out of it for a few days. She wanted to spend most of her time in her crib knawing on her pacifier and being left alone. Fortunately, she kept up her eating and drinking habits so she didn't end up getting sick. She has just started this process again in the last day and I think we've got another tooth on the way. Poor girl!
No teeth pictures but here she is enjoying one of those warm fall days

Tricks - Madelyn's newest trick is giving kisses. If you ask for a kiss, she will tilt her face up to you and thrust her chin/lips out so you can give her a kiss. She then likes to repeat this 10-20 times.

Loves - I found an idea on Pinterest to wrap a different Halloween book for each day in POctober and use that as a countdown to Halloween. She makes a beeline to the book bucket everytime I put it on the floor and can't wait to pull out a new book. Miss. M is getting better at unwrapping the package and loves reading each new story. After I finish the book, she will spend the next 30 minutes or so flipping through all the books from the previous days. This kid loves to read and it makes me estatic!

Pets - Madelyn has definitely started interacting with the critters more this month. For some reason, Fang enjoys the abuse and will seek Madelyn out when she is playing and then roll around near her while Madelyn tugs at her tail and "pets" her belly. She is surprisingly gentle with the animals and squeals everytime she is able to touch one of them.

New friend - Just one day shy of Madelyn's 11 month birthday, her newest friend Lilian Eaton joined the world! Of course we ran right up to the hospital to meet her and capture a picture of the two newest BFFs. Congratulations Georgette and Chuck!!
Overall, a great month!!

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amw said...

the first picture i am seeing of lily. hooray! and happy 11 month mads.