Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ada's 2nd Week

Oh boy this week has been challenging! Miss. A has got her days and nights mixed up. Combine that with Madelyn's teething and this mama is one tired lady!

When we went back to the pedi for Ada's weight check, I asked the doctor about her 2-4am party time. She wakes up, eats and then just wants to keep sucking. The problem - she isn't hungry so everything she eats comes right back up...all over me. Fun! This kid is going through 3-4 pairs of jammies a night because of this. She also seems to fuss way more and is harder to burp at this time of night. We have tried getting her to take a pacifier but she is fighting us and a lot of the time is seems to make her gag.

The good news - she is weighing in at 10lb 3oz already so she is clearly not starving. Her doctor agrees, she just wants to use me as a pacifier at that time. She suggested trying to keep her upright longer to help with the fussing and keep working with the pacifier. And hopefully, it will be a fleeting phase.

Earlier in the week, both girls woke up around 2am. Nick was taking care of Madelyn in the livingroom while I fed Ada in our bed. Once Ada was fed, she started her eat/puke routine. Around this same time, Madelyn broke free of Nick and hightailed it to our room, wanting mom. Nick and I traded kids and I was able to get Madelyn down within a few minutes while Nick got Ada settled a full hour sooner than she settles with me. My best guess, when boobs aren't an option she will settle for a pacifier and is able to calm down faster since she isn't stuffing herself.
Crosses her feet just like her big sister!

We are going to keep trying this method and see if it works.

In other news, her umbilical cord fell off at 6 days but it didn't quite look right. I had her doctor look at it and she said it fell off before her belly button had completely closed and healed so we are still waiting for that to happen before bathing. She is also a peely mess - poor kid looks like a snake!

Quirky little things - she makes even more facial expressions than Madelyn. And she has a serious mad dog face. Lots of smiles - probably from gas but I'll take it.

She loves to bounce in her bouncy chair but doesn't like the vibrating feature. She also likes her swing. The car magically puts her to sleep.

She is officially out of newborn clothes - that lasted a whopping 2 weeks.


amw said...

aw, poor miss A. sorry you are getting to so tired out from the girls. have you thought about maybe cutting dairy from your diet and seeing if ada has issues with dairy (or one of the other top food sensitive foods?). and/or have you thought about an osteopath. my friend took her babe to one in ann arbor and had a great experience.

Julie Watt said...

I love her little crossed feet!!! You two make some cool kids, Barishes.