Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ada's 3rd Week

Oh Miss. Ada - you are keeping your mama on her toes!

We have started keeping her upright for 20-30 minutes after she eats and that seems to help significantly with the spitting. She still spits up but it isn't nearly as bad as before. Another week for her to develop her muscles is probably helping as well. We have also made some progress with the pacifier and that has made a big difference because she is no longer overeating like before.
Flashing her gang sign

Now our big challenge is sleep. We were putting Madelyn down and then dealing with Ada but Madelyn would hear us and know Ada was up which meant she needed to be up as well. We switched and started putting Ada down first and then Madelyn goes to bed. We are able to get a good stretch once Ada goes to bed around 7-8pm (she will sleep until 11-12) but then it's as if she has been drinking coffee all day and her eyes are wide open until who knows when. Sometimes we get her back down around 1-2am but then she's back up at 4am for the day. Yes, for the day. Other nights, she will be up until 4-5am and then she will sleep until 8-9am. Ugh!

I am attempting to keep her up during the day, but I like using the times she sleeps to spend time with Madelyn so it is a challenge. I looked back and Madelyn's early recaps and it seems she was the same way so hopefully it works itself out. Ada also has no interest in sitting back and hanging out. She wants us to be bouncing whatever seat she is sitting in or holding her. Fortunately, I accidently stumbled on a hands off method of keeping her entertained. I laid her on the kitchen table the other day while I was feeding Madelyn a yogurt. She was content for a good 20 minutes to just stare out the kitchen window. I've done it a few more times since then and it seems to work. I will take it!

Ada also loves being outside so I've been taking a lot of walks with the girls. A lot of walks.

Unfortunately, Ada had a funeral in her first month of life as well. I told Nick it depresses me that both girls have worn the same newborn sized funeral outfit. Sucks.

We finally bathed this baby! I decided to skip the whole bath scene and just go straight to the shower with mom method. It worked so well with Madelyn and Ada seems to love it also. Poor girl gets some serious cowlicks going post bath and they seem to stay even several days after. She still has all her hair and it is still growing. Her sideburns are over her ears now. I need to start pinning some ideas on how to organize hair bows and headbands because they are going to be out of control in this house!

Her fingernails are also growing like crazy - I have cut them once a week since she's been born. Madness, I tell you!

She seems to have pretty decent vision already. Nick and I have caught her focusing on objects and she has a pretty intense gaze. Great head control as well.

I being a mean mama and trying to catch her little cry on video. It is the cutest stinkin' thing I've seen and heard. She gets the lower lip quiver and sounds like her world is just terrible. Hopefully I can share a clip soon.

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