Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ada's 4th Week

Adarater - let's see, what happened this week?

We are still pretty focused on sleep around these parts. I've found we can break the night up into 3 parts. Part 1 - you go down around 7-8pm and sleep for a good 5 hours. Part 2 - (the wild card) you get up and eat then who knows what is in store for us until around 5am. Part 3 - 5am - you are either still awake from part 2 or are waking up to eat again. I usually bring you into bed with us at this point and we both fall asleep while you are nursing. We then sleep until Madelyn wakes us up around 7-8am. I can handle parts 1 and 3 but we've got to get part 2 under control. Trial and error, I guess.

Daddy has been taking you and Ziggy on late night walks and he swears it gets you back to sleep. He also says you are learning a lot about the neighborhood on these walks.

You've started being more alert during the day and are quite the vocal little girl. You love nekkid time, but who can blame you. Your hair seems to have some red tints to it.

We went to the Hands On Museum and you were very well behaved. We seem to be getting a lot more smiles out of you now. Love it!
Your first playdate. You slept through it.

I'm realizing this post is very similar to last week's so I guess this week brought more of the same.

That or I'm just lacking in sleep and can't remember anything.

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