Monday, June 25, 2012

Madelyn's 19th Month

Oh Beans, how I love you!! (I am switching up how I write this blog. I have been writing about Madelyn - now I am going to write it to Madelyn. I use the same content from the blog to create her annual photo book but the photo book is written to her. I am saving myself time by not having to edit.)

Anyway - you had a pretty big month girl! You are now a big sister and you take that job very seriously. If Ada is upset, you get upset. You are always trying to give her a pacifier and have figured out how to rock her carseat or bounce her bouncy chair. It only took a few days of reminding you to be gentle and now you are a pro! I am so proud of you! Every morning, the first thing on your agenda is finding Ada and giving her a kiss. I love it!

You had another teething spell at the beginning of the month. It was a couple days of laying around and cuddling with mama and then you bounced back. The bad news is the teeth didn't appear yet so we probably have another round ahead of us.

We finished up your Fun at One class this month and started swim class again. Once again, I am so proud of how you have taken to the water. Most of the other parents spend class trying to convince their child to get in the water. We spend class chasing pool toys and blowing bubbles! You love it!

You've been pretty frusterated this month when it comes to communication. I can tell you are on the verge of a language explosion but for the time being, you are struggling to tell us exactly what you want. I usually have you show me what you are trying to say but I know you just want to say the words. We have been practicing words when we take walks in the afternoon. You love repeating after me and your words are starting to get clearer the more we work at it. You have also started yelling/screaming when you are frusterated which I am trying to curb.

You can jump on your mattress in bed but haven't figured out how to jump on the ground. Soon enough.

We have started leaving the doorwall open during the day and you love the freedom of being able to go outside whenever you want.

You have also started coloring a lot more this month and have taken an interest in arts and crafts. Fortunately, I have pinterest and there is no shortage of toddler craft ideas!

All in all, another great month lovely lady! Keep 'em coming!!

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