Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy House Holiday Challenge - Week 3

This week was a little off for me when it came to the deep clean. I had already deep cleaned our dining area because it is attached to the kitchen and I didn't know where to draw the line. So I took this week to clear some clutter from the basement. I didn't take any pictures because you can't really tell the difference. I ended up clearing out about 7-8 garbage bags worth of junk stuff. Old toys Ben doesn't play with anymore, random appliances that were shoved down there to die ie: our old coffee maker, I purged my fall wardrobe and brought that bad boy upstairs, etc. We also created a storage space for most of the holiday totes in the garage so they are now taking up space out there rather than in my basement.

As far as the weekly tasks go, I did okay.
Empty the sink - 6/7
Make the bed - 6/7
Sweep the floor - 7/7
Clear the clutter - 6/7

Halloween was a tough one when it came to my daily tasks. I just didn't feel like getting everything done after everyone had left for the night.

I am also making a point to maintain the kitchen. I hate to think of doing all that hard work and then just letting it go. This means I have a few more daily tasks that I have given myself:
wipe the counters
wipe the stove
wipe the microwave
oh, and clean up after this little monster that thinks an organized pantry is a terrible idea

Onto the bathrooms!

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Mary said...

Your little one issuch a cutie-pie. I'll wager you have great fun together. I am new here but will visit as often as I can. I hope you have a great day.Blessings...Mary