Wednesday, November 30, 2011

?? + 1 Weeks

We met with Stacia with Trillium Birth Services to discuss both her midwifery services if we elect a home birth and her doula services if we elect a hospital birth. She has been a part of close to 200 births, 50 of which for her doula services. She has also participated in 20 VBACs which is comforting.  She gave us all the facts we were looking for and didn't push us in one direction or another which I really liked. I also liked that she still has a lot of ties to the medical community, specifically UofM and as a result has relatively smooth transfers if they are necessary.

She asked me how far along I was and I gave her my story so she offered to do a quick external exam and see if she could feel my uterus. She said that if she could, it can mean I am 11-12 weeks along or that I have a full bladder. Well, she could feel it. Oh boy - if I am really that far along then Nick and I are one of the .01% that ends up with the faulty condom - go figure.

I still have an appointment with Taubman next Wednesday that will include an ultrasound for dating purposes so we shall see. Stay tuned!

**These are still posts from before we announced. 

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