Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop!

Part of the Holiday Happy House challenge this week is to write a daily todo list. Currently, my list is a sticky note on my laptop which works well but when no one else can see it I am much more likely to not finish my tasks. Miss. Madelyn is turning 1 next week! And her party is Sunday - which means I've gotta get my butt in gear! Here is my attempt at holding myself accountable. 

If you have some tasks you want to make sure you complete this weekend, be sure to join in the fun! Head on over to My Happy House to get the details!

Onto my tasks:

  • get oil change and tires rotated
  • go to Whole Foods for the cheap chicken deal!
  • go visit Madelyn's fan club at Capri
  • go to Wiggle Worms
  • out to dinner with Nick and then hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond for some Keurig pods
  • finish the blinds in Madelyn's room (part of holiday challenge)
  • deep clean our bedroom
  • vacuum out my car
  • work on Madelyn's quiet book
  • finalize outfits for Madelyn's 1 yr pictures
  • go to the in-laws for dinner (make pumpkin pie)
  • deep clean Ben's bedroom
  • find a carwash or wash at home if not freezing
  • prep for work appointments on Monday

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