Monday, November 28, 2011

Madelyn's Twelfth Month

I can't believe she's 1! How did this happen? This past year has been a learning experience more than any other time in my life. The biggest thing I've learned is what it means to have a part of yourself walking around this world, separate from you. I can't get over how much I am madly in love with this baby girl - there are times I feel like I might actually burst! Watching her discover new things and grow into the person she will be are turning out to be the proudest moments of my life.

So let's recap - what happened this month?

Another tooth! #7 popped through. It was the other first molar so Madelyn's mouth is starting to look a little more symmetrical. This guy came through with relative ease, just some major fist knawing and a little drool.

Peek-a-boo. If I say "peek-a-boo!" Madelyn will cover the lower half of her face with her hands. I then say "peek!" and she will wait until I say "a-boo" before slowly moving her hands away. It is beyond adorable. At this moment I don't have a video but hopefully she will cooperate in the next few days and I'll be able to capture it.

Music - this girl loves to rock out! She has even started shaking her groove thang to the beat. She doesn't normally pay any attention to the TV when it is on...UNLESS they are breaking out in song in the newest Glee. She becomes mesmerized until the song ends and then moves back to whatever she was doing.

Technology - I don't know if it is because she sees us using it all the time or if there is a genuine interest there but she is fascinated by all things technology. Cell phones, lap tops, ipad, ipods, etc. I think the interest in cell phones is because she knows her pictures are on there and she wants you to show them to her. The ipod works with her love of music and she has figured out how to work it so she can listen when she wants. I think the lap tops are just because she can press on the keys. The ipad - well, duh - facetime! (This kid loves herself!)

Favorite foods right now - scrambled eggs, peas, corn, hummus, bread, yogurt, beans, meatballs and bananas. What I am so amazed by is how definitive she is in what she likes and more importantly, does not like. Mashed potatoes for example - it doesn't matter how we give them to her, they will be right back out of her mouth as quickly as they went in. I have to give her credit, she will try anything but will not eat it if she doesn't want to. Ziggy is loving her current phase of dropping food once she's done eating. Me, not so much.

Favorite things to do -

Wiggle worms - it is a group of similar aged babies that are all "crawling" but not yet walking. There is open play, a song period and then more open play. She absolutely loves it! She has begun recognizing the songs and will anticipate the actions that go along with them. They also work to calm a meltdown when we are at home. She loves playing with the other babies in a room that has more toys than she's ever seen!

Going to Capri - we've started a little tradition of going to Capri every Friday. The ladies expect us and absolutely fawn over Madelyn while I am able to eat a lunch uninterrupted! A couple times they have been pretty busy when we've been there so I will throw Madelyn in the Ergo, tie on an apron and help out a little. She loves interacting with the customers and let's be honest - she love love loves the food!

Shopping - I don't think it is the actual act of shopping that fascinates her. It is more sitting in the cart and flirting with the fellow shoppers. She will find a target about 3-4 feet away and start flirting. She will keep this up until this person acknowledges her, at which point she batts her eyelashes and looks down like she is a shy child. It is both adorable and ridiculous at the same time.

Books - still love 'em!

She is loving her Grandma (my mom) these days and it gives me a much needed break since there are times she would rather Grandma hold her than me.

Time to child proof! She has started opening cupboards and was originally just playing in cupboards that held "kid friendly" items. She loves the pantry and I thought I had organized it so that she could play on the bottom shelf. Well she figured out how to open the pita chips and I came into the kitchen to find Madelyn sitting among pita chips and snacking while she played. Oh my! Up onto a higher shelf went the pita chips. Next, she must have grown or figured out how to climb because she was able to reach the next shelf which included the powdered Nesquik. Next time I was into the kitchen she has pulled that down and is sticking her fist into the container and eating powdered Nesquik - oh baby girl! Time to lock up the pantry!

Sleep - we currently have a pretty good groove going! (I'm knocking on wood over here) She goes down around 7:30-8pm and will sleep until 7-7:30am. If she wakes up, she will fuss while she roots around for her pacifier. Once she finds it, back to sleep she goes. If she wakes up before I am ready to get her up, I will hear her playing in her crib and I've started sneaking her Laugh & Learn Puppy and a couple books in there after she falls asleep. These usually keep her entertained until I am ready to get her up.

Again - another good month! I'm loving it!!

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