Wednesday, December 7, 2011

14 weeks!

14 weeks! Eep! I am officially out of my own version of the first trimester! (42 weeks/3 trimesters = 14 weeks)

No big news to report. The prematernity clothes are still holding and I actually just bought a size smaller jeans the other day which was exciting. I needed new jeans since every pair I owned had patches somewhere. Lovely.

Anyway, my brother called me out this week but hopefully I dodged a bullet. He said he knew I was pregnant because I was drinking a McDonald's iced tea. I drank iced tea all the time when I was pregnant with Madelyn and I am shocked he remembered this. The funny thing is tha*t I never stopped drinking the tea once she was born so it isn't really a pregnancy craving this time around, just more of a habit.

I told him I still hadn't gotten a period since Madelyn was born (which technically isn't a lie) and I think I entered TMI zone for him and he dropped it.

Still holding steady on the weight gain and I am hoping to have gained zero lbs by my next appointment. We shall see.

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned...

*Last prewritten post! Big ultrasound is today!

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Aliya said...

I'm 13 weeks! It feels so good to get out of the first tri!! :) Congrats on your baby!