Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Planning Blog Hop

I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it was incredibly helpful in making sure I got everything done. With Christmas coming up, faster than I can believe that means my TODO list is getting out of control. So here I am, back to the blogosphere for some accountability - I will get all of this done this weekend!!

  • go to Capri
  • go to Wiggle Worms
  • make up nurse appointment for Madelyn
  • grocery shop
  • wrap Christmas Eve presents
  • check out Ann Arbor's Midnight Madness
  • figure out my $10 gift for Sunday and a gift for Ben and Madelyn
  • figure out if Ben and Madelyn shopping is done (if not, finish it)
  • take Bandit to the vet
  • check out Belleville's Winterfest (lighted parade and tree lighting)
  • wrap Ben and Madelyn's Christmas presents
  • wrap $10 gifts for tomorrow
  • task Nick to figure out what is going on with the solar Christmas lights
  • figure out if Nick shopping is done (if not, finish it)
  • buy $20 gift for the 17th
  • Ben has friend over for playdate
  • figure out the rest of Caleb's gift (and buy it)
  • Capri Bakery Christmas party
  • wrap Nick's Christmas presents
  • finish gluing Madelyn's quiet book pages and make a new page
  • figure out Christmas baking schedule
  • wrap Caleb's Christmas presents

Okay, so it is a little overwhelming right now but I can do this!
What are you up to this weekend?

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Mrs.CFH2 said...

Oh my goodness that's a lot of stuff! And where were you the other day when I was asking for local stuff??? Two great ones- A2 Midnight Madness and Belleville Lightfest- good work ;) Maybe I'll be able to fit one of those in this weekend :) Thanks for linking up as always!