Monday, December 12, 2011

Madelyn's Birthday Party - Part 2

With the theme for Madelyn's party being "1 year old in a flash", it actually made decor a pretty easy task. I just took advantage of all the free photo print offers that Rite-Aid, Target and Walgreens have this time of year and printed a ton of her pictures from the past year. My sister and I spent a day cutting them into shapes and Molly even got creative enough to cut some into the shapes of leaves (incorporating the fall theme). I also printed her monthly pictures and strung those across our doorwall to show how much she has grown. The rest of the pictures we stuck throughout the kitchen and livingroom. I put a few on the dessert table as well.

Target's dollar spot actually had a bunch of baskets, paper plates, napkins, table clothes and glitter leaves right about the time I picked her theme so I scooped up a bunch of that stuff! It worked out perfectly! After the party, I was able to throw away all the table clothes and paper products which made clean up a dream. I also put all the pictures in a little bag and Madelyn loves taking them out of the bag and looking at them all the time.

Picture time!

We used the balloons a couple days earlier at her 1 year photo session and Ben made the sign!

Nick bought Madelyn flowers when I sent him out on one last shopping trip - super cute!

I found a seller on Etsy that let me pick the colors for the tutu and included the flower headband as well!

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